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This one is dedicated to one of my favorite tumblr artists, illeity, for his amazing Adventure Time fanart and comics.  He is the navigator of the Bonfire ship, a well-written crack ship between Flame Princess and Princess Bubblegum.  I don’t think that I’ll ever stop shipping Bubbline, but these two are my favorite to draw, so I might as well draw them in the same picture to save some time.  Plus, I’ve always harbored a secret love for crack ships, especially yuri ones.  I used my new, expensive, prismacolor markers to color this, and I’m pretty satisfied with the result, I’ve never been great at coloring things.

I rarely get cool stuff like this, much less a work dedicated to me. You do me a most honorable of honors, Olivia :) Those Markers are certainly worth the price; the colors are bright and beautiful, and the subjects pleasing to look at.

Thank you! You’ve contributed immensely to the glory of the Bonfire ship! Keep on artin’ m’lady! :D


Everyone in the atimers tag wish Illeity luck! We might finally have him on the show!

the problem is that AT have closed their storyboard openings… 

for now

like last year they opened them and closed them but didnt actually accept any of the applicants because they werent good enough

i bet if matt applies he can still get looked at

Really? Rats!

Nah, I’m still gonna give it a try :) And if I don’t get in, someone would have at least seen it and that one person might just change the direction of my life in an astonishingly different, yet appreciable way.

"If you don’t know it’s impossible, it’s easier to do." -Neil Gaiman

Nothing like a little chutzpah and utter ignorance to make things anew ;)




matt you have fans

@megamadridista4life said: There’s also “TheMuffinMan” on LoO who said, “I nominate Illeity to become the storyboard artist that CN is looking for”


So er… I found Adam Muto’s tweet regarding the Storyboard Artist opening. It’s many day’s old and it’s probably closed… but I wanna give it a try. I’m gonna reshape my resume, pick some of my best works and send it their way.

Considering I have nothing but Adventure Time comics and Gravity Falls comics on my belt, I’m not so sure it’s a good impression, but trying to live with the motto “Be so good that they can’t ignore you”, I’m hoping the works will speak for themselves.

Seeing peeps appreciate your work does gift me with enough moxie to even consider attempting this in the first place, so thank you guys :)

And as they say: Audentes fortuna adiuvat.


Since Betty probably won't show up often in the show (assuming she's on Evergreen as suspected) I think Betty should be featured in the comics, even if as a cameo or a small role. We need more of Betty Grof.

Betty is one of those characters who belong on the list of “Characters-I-want-to-see-more-often-but-will-be-just-as-rare-as-Marceline-despite-her-being-a-Main-Character” :/

How does sea salt and caramel ice cream taste like? Is it actual salt, or is it just a name for a specific type of ice cream sprinkle?

It’s actually Salt mixed with the Ice Cream! It’s the interplay of flavours between the Saltiness and Sweetness, that conjures up a new, very interesting taste.

You can give it a try by eating Vanilla Ice Cream and French Fries :)

Hello!! I just wanted to say Your work is really really amazing and i love your comics a lot! Please continue to make amazing stuff!!

And I thank you for coming along for the ride :)

If it were ever made that Adventure Time and Gravity Falls did indeed inhabit the same word (as you've shown in your "Artifact" comics), do you think that might add an additional layer of quality and enjoyment to these two already-awesome shows?

It’d be cool, epic and… dark, but like a cherry on Ice Cream, it’s not really needed to make the Ice Cream better.